Tips to choose the most comfortable diabetic shoes

For younger and healthier adults a bad shoe day may be a blistered heel or a painful arch that goes away quickly. But for the elderly people with diabetes, poor footwear can trigger serious problems such as foot ulcers, infections and in some cases can even lead to amputation. Foot problems are not inevitable though, picking the right footwear can solve most of these problems even before they arise.

Diabetic patients know that good blood sugar control reduces the risk of complications but poor management of diabetes leads to a lot of problems and complications. When older people have had diabetes for a long period of time they stop feeling sensation in their feet. Diabetes can cause nerve damage or neuropathy that lessens the foot’s sensitivity to pain. Doctors have had many elderly people come in to see them with injuries from stepping on broken glass, nails, syringes or knitting needles and never felt pain to alert them to the injury. Besides the loss of sensation, diabetes can also cause poor circulation because high blood sugar can lead to narrowing of the small and large blood vessels. When blood flow is reduced to the feet, wounds heal more slowly.

When it comes to picking the right shoes for an elderly diabetic person, many factors come into play like if the person has normal sensation on their feet. According to doctors, flip-flops are the worst kind of footwear for the elderly diabetic people. This is because flip-flops expose the toes, they are not very supportive and the strap that goes between the toes can cause irritation or blisters. Rigid leather style shoes are also a big no for the elderly diabetic people. It is wise for them to buy good diabetic shoes which can be found under different brands like CrocsRX, P.W.Minor, Drew of Easy Spirit. A diabetic shoe is made of soft leather, has a deep, rounder and wider toe box that can accommodate things like hammertoes and bunions. Walking shoes and jogging shoes also make good alternatives.

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