Tips on becoming a resume writer

Tips for becoming a resume writer

If you have to spend most of your college time helping your friends modify their resumes in making job applications and have even made a friend’s resume from scratch despite being someone from a totally different field, then resume-writing could be a thing for you provided you enjoy doing something like this. If you are interested and want to become a professional resume writer, here are some tips and methods you can follow to become one.

Do the hard work
Irrespective of what skills and talent you possess, there is no substitute for hard work. You cannot gain success and wealth unless you are willing to put hard work in it. And hence, even for something like resume writing, you have to work hard. Hard work involves doing more of what you want to do even when you are tired and uncomfortable.

Offer help and read as many resumes as you can
Keep offering help to your friends who need a resume to be made. This will brush up your skills. Take feedback from people you write the resumes for. Ask your friends from different fields to send you their resumes so you are not unfamiliar with any type of job there is.

Get a resume writer certification
You can get a certification that allows you to professionally write resumes for people and charge money for the same. People might take help from you but will pay you for the same only when you are a professional. Learn about the certification and start with the course as soon as you can.

Start a business
Post your certification, you can start an online business by creating a website and increasing your base by asking your friends and family to promote and market the services you are offering.

Offer packages to clients
They will teach you how much you can charge for your services. Make sure you don’t over or under charge for the services you are providing. For the same, you need to learn some business running protocols that will help you and your business reach heights. You can have different packages for your customers and charge them based on each package they take.

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