Tips on applying for jobs at Dollar General stores

Dollar General Corporation is a chain of variety stores which is headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. It has 12,500 stores in 43 states and 14 distribution centers in 14 states.

If you wish to find and apply for a job at Dollar General stores, read the following tips that will help you find a suitable job at one of their stores.

It is important to know the history of the workplace that you are applying for a job at. The interviewers might also ask you questions regarding the history of Dollar General Corporation.

Dollar General Corporation usually looks to hire sales associates, district managers, store managers, as well as regional managers. They advertise job openings on different portals. Check for online updates on their official website or talk directly to store managers if you come across a position that you feel fits you well.

It is an added advantage if the applicant has a background experience in sales and customer service. Do not forget to emphasize the same on the cover letter or resume.

If you have prepared a cover letter or resume, there is no need to fill a separate application process. Head to a local Dollar General Store and hand your resume to the manager. The only disadvantage of doing this is that you won’t be able to apply for a particular job.

Be ready to explain gaps of unemployment (if any). This factor might not disqualify you but will only take up more time explaining the circumstances of the gap. It is highly recommended to add at least three references.

Background checks are an essential part of the screening process. Dollar General Corporation uses background checks to the information submitted by the applicant. They also use it to see if the applicant has any criminal background. Hence, it is better to be honest and not think that those things in the background will go unnoticed.

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