The convenience of installing a toilet seat raiser

Treating the elderly with respect and dignity is one of the essential etiquettes. Seniors with disabilities, especially, have to be treated with more care. Being of assistance to them is welcome, but empowering them to do what is seemingly difficult for them is even better.

Enabling the handicapped elderly to deal with simple routines like using the toilet on their own, without having to make them wait for assistance, is now possible. The variety of toilet aids and accessories that is now available is countless. Handrails, toilet seat raisers, rolling shower commode chairs, toilet safety frames, and bidets are only a small example of the long list of items that are convenient for the use of elderly disabled people.

Elevated toilet seats or handicap commode seat raisers for the disabled elderly are available in many forms:
– Elongated raised toilet seats
– Hinged elevated toilet seats
– Raised toilet seat with arms
– Raised toilet seats without arms

A “handicap commode” includes a toilet seat raiser is an extra fitting that can be added to an existing toilet. This conveniently increases the height of the toilet seat for disabled users of the toilet for whom sitting down low or standing up from a seated posture is difficult. This type of “handicap commode” is appropriate especially for those who cannot bend their knees freely and for those who have limitations with their hip or leg movements, these toilet seat risers are not only designed to provide extra height but also safety and comfort for a basic, everyday activity.

Attachable with simple screws, the handicap toilet seat riser can be bought to suit the regular or elongated toilet seats and comes with or without armrests. Also, depending on whether the existing toilet seat has to be removed or retained, this toilet seat riser comes in two types—those that replace the existing toilet seat and that can be fixed between the fixed toilet bowl and the existing toilet seat, to provide the required height for the elderly user. It is simple to add that little height and care, to the disabled. A “handicap commode” provides a senior to perform this daily, basic activity with ease.

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