Stay-at-home parent? Here are 4 jobs that let you work from home

If you are a stay-at-home parent and want to earn during your free time, there are many jobs where you can work from home. With a high-speed, unlimited internet and a computer, you can earn while you are looking after your kids and dealing with household work.

You can also take up mobile jobs to work from home that can be planned around your daily schedule. You only need a smartphone for these jobs. However, mobile-based work at home jobs are often low-paying ones. But if you are looking to earn a bit in your free time, these are quite ideal. In case you want a substantial monthly income, here are 4 popular work from home jobs:

Social Media Content Evaluator: This job is digital-marketing oriented and they pay quite well. Your responsibility will include creating relevant content for brands and organizations for their social media channels. Depending on your experience, you will also be expected to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the generated content.

Blogger/Content Marketer: If you have a flair for writing and are a whiz with words, you can work as a blogger or content marketer, who writes marketing content for different brands. This content goes up on the brand’s website. You will be assigned certain ideas or you can create your own ideas revolving around the brand’s requirement and write marketing content accordingly.

Data Entry and Recruiter Assistant: A data-entry related work from home job, this one does not require any specific educational qualification. Your responsibilities will include screening emails and sorting them, entering information from resumes into the recruiting agency’s database, and posting job openings on various portals and websites.

Transcriber: You can either work as a medical or legal transcriber. The job involves listening to recordings of medical diagnosis or court proceedings and type the content of the recordings. A transcriber is responsible for accurately documenting the spoken content. You need to have good quality headphones, a word processor, and a good internet speed for this job.

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