Smartphone deals you may not want to miss

Smartphones have eliminated the need for any other gadgets or devices. A small business may function just by a smartphone. When you get everything at your fingertip with just one device, why would you look anywhere else?

Newspaper, online shopping sites, and retailers regularly advertise about the best smartphone deals. That’s because every year, new smartphone models come with better technology and upgraded features.

There are many types of smartphones for people with different requirements. Some look for a good camera, whereas others may want a good battery life on their smartphones. Here is the lowdown on different smartphones that have good deals.

Small business smartphones
Businesses too require smartphones. Samsung Galaxy 8 is one of the best smartphones for small businesses. Best Buy has a good deal on it where you may get your favorite S8 for $250 off at $21.08 per month when switched to Verizon.

Prepaid smartphones
Prepaid smartphones are the best way to go as it is a no-contract phone. Verizon prepaid – Samsung Galaxy J1 has the best-prepaid smartphone deal at Best Buy. You may save $48 on this 4G LTE model with 8GB memory.

Unlocked smartphones
When you want to choose your carrier, go to unlocked smartphones. You may find some of the best smartphone deals for unlocked phones on online retailer websites like Amazon and eBay. Best Buy has the best smartphone deals for Samsung unlocked S8, S8+, and Note 8 series. You will be able to save $300 by trade-in of your eligible Samsung phone in exchange for Galaxy series.

Cheap Android smartphones
Moto G5 Plus is one of the best smartphones of 2016-2017. You can get this phone for under $200. Amazon is giving the cheapest deal of $185 for Moto G5 plus. One more smartphone that is easy on the pocket is Honor 6X. This Android 7.0 Nougat is available for just $150 on Amazon.

All smartphones these days are enabled with features that are competitive. A smartphone that is best for you may not suit the requirement of others. Best smartphone deals are not hard to find – just be alert for any news and keep an eye on the mailers and flyers.

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