Running boards for vans and their types

We’ve all seen them and most of us have used them at some point in our life. However, running boards are a bit elusive when one tries to understand their specifications. For example, did you know that there are different kinds of running boards for different vehicles?

A very important fact is that running boards aren’t the same as rock sliders or frame sliders. These are intended solely for the purpose of taking and absorbing any shock damage and are mounted on the frame. Running boards aren’t made keeping in mind the need of armor for your vehicle.

If you’re looking for running boards for vans, you might have to check the model and length to determine which will be the best fit. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for running boards for vans.

  • Your vehicle needs a running board if it sits above a certain level off the ground. Many high-seating vehicles like buses and SUVs often resort to running boards.
  • If you have a specific model of a van or car, then see if the manufacturers also create custom running boards for you to choose from. Once you have your length in place, you can pick the kind of design or material you’d like to have.

The running boards affect the passenger’s/driver’s ability to get into the vehicle, but they also might completely change the way your vehicle looks. Consider the options available before you carefully, and pick the best type. Some common types of running boards for vans include the following:

Full flare
These type of running boards cover the entire frame of the vehicle and this is why they have to be specifically manufactured and custom made.

Cab length
As the name suggests, these running boards go from the front to the rear wheel of the vehicle. They’re the easiest and cheapest kinds of running boards for vans.

Bed length
This isn’t a running board in itself because it is intended to make up for the spaces, if any, in a cab-length running board. They’re taken as add-ons to an existing running board.

Wheel to wheel
If you’re going for a more aesthetic look, then these are the best kind of running boards. They work best for vans and run from wheel to wheel, both front and rear wheels of the vehicle.

Be it for a van or for a school bus, running boards are important, and they should be used for the purpose they are intended for. It’s always a safe option to get one for your own vehicle, especially if it’s a van since it helps in getting in and out of the vehicle.

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