Roadside services – Vehicle assistance on-the-go

Have you ever gone on an outing where on the way your car suddenly stopped, and you were stranded due to no mechanics or garages nearby? You need not worry if you already have a roadside assistance service. Several automobile companies provide roadside services to their customers along with an insurance policy. This service helps them get on-the-spot assistance.

In case your vehicle stopped in the middle of your journey, maybe in the outskirts of a state, you need not panic. Just call on the roadside assistance number of that insurance company and they will send you a mechanic along with a towing facility if required, for your help.

Benefits provided under roadside services

  • The nearest car mechanic provides you with on-the-spot service
  • Car is towed to the nearby garage
  • Free-of-cost delivery of car battery, engine oil, fuel, or tire
  • Key maker at no service charge in case you have lost your car key or got locked out

All these services vary along with the policy rate. So one should be clear before buying the roadside service policy.

Important questions to be asked before availing roadside services
Before buying any roadside assistance policy, you must be very careful and well aware of the assistance covered under it. So read through the documents provided and do enquire about few important questions to avoid misconception.

  • Do you provide 24-hour service?
  • Are your services available every day or do you have some holidays?
  • Is there any topographical limitation?
  • How may I connect with you if needed?
  • Is there any call limit?
  • Is there any time limit for your service (like a maximum of 1 or 1.5-hour service)?
  • How much do you charge if the time limit is exceeded?
  • What other services are included?
  • Do you provide any other technical service?
  • What is the maximum towing distance?
  • How much do you charge if the maximum towing distance exceeds the specifications?

Top roadside services in the country
American Automobile Association (AAA)
They provide one of the best roadside services. It provides service throughout the country, in almost all the states. Not only this, AAA services are free of age limitation. So any member can use its service, no matter what age group he/she belongs to.

American Associations of Retired Persons (AARP)
This is another good name for roadside services. It caters to its members in almost all states of the country. If you are an AARP member, you can use the roadside services provided by it. It mainly focuses on catering to people of age 50 years and above.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance
This stands third on our list in terms of services. Without any age or area limitation, it offers outstanding customer service with many other offers. Though call limitation is up to 5 calls per year, the policy covers motorbikes along with cars.

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