Pros and cons of using custom mobile app development services

Ready software application packages are available to the general clients who have similar needs. However, such packages do not cater to the specific needs of an organization.

Custom mobile app development refers to the development of specially designed software for specific needs of a user or a group of users. These packages cannot be used for the masses.

Customized app development uses the hardware and unique features of the mobile devices. The hardware of personal computers and laptops are better than that of the tablets and smartphones. Therefore, the customized mobile apps provide optimum performance.

Mobile apps are designed using a range of programming languages and frameworks. The major operating systems like Android and iOS have standardized the types of custom mobile app development programs, which may be used to customize other apps. The hardware of a particular device requires software code specially designed for it.

Some of the commonly used apps are as follows:

Native apps
These apps are created for certain platforms by using specific languages and tools, which work in those operating systems.

HTML5 apps
Such apps are compatible with any operating system. They are based on universal Web technology and may be used with minimal changes to suit the current needs of the users.

Hybrid apps
Hybrid apps are the native apps with an HTML5 app embedded in it, which may utilize both the unique and diverse systems.

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using custom mobile apps’ development services.


  • Provides additional features that are not available with off-the-shelf apps
  • Enhanced productivity as the app satisfies personal needs of the users
  • Cost-efficiency through increased productivity, thereby resulting in growth


  • Requires more resources, thus making it costlier
  • Clients must have a clear understanding of exact requirements to maximize benefits
  • Increase in costs in the case of constantly changing requirements

Users may find several customized app developers online. They may research on forums, discussion boards, and other online platforms for recommendations. Users may also rely on customer feedback and reviews available on the independent sites to choose the best online app developers.

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