Pros and cons of flexible retirement plans

The flexible retirement plans enable you to put cash away as frequently as you prefer while you are putting something aside for retirement. The cash will develop every day and when you’re prepared to resign, you’ll be getting scheduled installments regularly that you can’t outlast. You likewise don’t pay imposes on your profit until the point that you remove the cash from the annuity.

Flexible retirement plans can help you in providing ways of taking wages withdrawals, also referred as Drawdown pension, from your pension assets while the remaining fund is invested for the retirement phase.

Who should choose flexible retirement plans?
Before opting for this plan, you must seek financial advice to ensure that the size of your fund or savings will help you to achieve your objectives. You can take a help of any financial adviser to calculate your retirement investment and needs. Flexible retirement plans are beneficial for individuals between 55 and 75 years of age. Yet, in certain situations, the employees can also take benefits of the flexible retirement plans.

The aim of the plan:
– It allows you to withdraw a certain amount of income from the retirement fund while rest remains invested.

– Approximately 25% of your pension fund is tax-free cash sum.

– It allows you to withdraw income without committing to a lifetime annuity.

– It gives you flexibility while planning or buying a lifetime annuity.

– If you chose this plan, it provides benefits to your dependents and beneficiaries after your death.

Risk factor:
Maybe, your last pension plan guarantees higher values and protection which do not match with this plan. There are chances that the investment growth of the flexible retirement plans can be lower than the sum you’ve assumed. If you do not regularly check the income level, you may significantly erode the value of the plan, which may lead to a lower income value in the future.

However, with flexible retirement plans, it is possible to enjoy advantages while you are still working.

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