Popular prepaid cell phone deals for you

There is more than one reason to buy prepaid cell phones. Apart from the flexibility they give, they are convenient, inexpensive, and above all, give you freedom from contracts.

Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) carriers have the best prepaid cell phone deals, as they are low-cost carriers and cater mainly to prepaid customers.

Best Buy, Target, and Walmart too have prepaid cell phones for sale. Before you buy a prepaid cell phone, consider your budget, usage, and network compatibility.

Cricket Wireless
Cricket Wireless has come up with some best prepaid cell phone deals, wherein they give the prepaid device for free when a buyer switches to their network. The prepaid phones offered are LG Fortune, ZTE Overture 3, and Alcatel Verso, subject to existing number port-in and new service line.

T-Mobile has some of the best prepaid cell phones for sales like Samsung Galaxy and LG devices. Samsung Galaxy S7 is offered at a discount of $96.

LG offers complimentary second-year warranty coverage for LG G6 cell phone if it is registered within 90 days of purchase of the device from T-Mobile. Along with that, a buyer has to purchase G6 and can save $100 off the previous price.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime is available for just $150 with a refill card purchase.

Verizon has special prepaid cell phone prices for some of their products. Under special pricing scheme for select phones, they are giving cell phones at discounted prices.

Verizon is offering HTC Desire 526 at $89.99 as compared to its previous price of $120. Galaxy J3 Mission is available for $100 after discount. Verizon has waived off activation fee for Motorola Moto E4 plus.

Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile offers various deals on all cell phones. You may find discounts like $100 off on iPhone X, $250 off on iPhone SE, $50 off on Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx, and $50 off on LG Stylo 3 among others. There is an assortment of offers and discounts online and in stores too.

Before buying, go through prepaid cell phone comparison charts available online to find out more about the rates. Prepaid cell phones are an easy way to save money with no contract obligations and a plan of your choice.

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