Popular lease deals for Buick Encore

Committing to buying an SUV is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is because an SUV is nothing short of a commitment. Besides that, those of us who live in cities and travel to and fro from work, don’t exactly have the right space for SUVs in our lives. These are luxury cars that are made of premium parts and are best reserved for when you want to make a stellar impression.

However, just because one isn’t intent on purchasing an SUV doesn’t mean they can’t have the pleasure of driving around one of them ever so frequently. Lease deals for SUV have almost doubled in the past couple years because many people are now able to afford luxury and high-end driving at a reasonable cost.

Some people tend to prefer the Buick Encore as their choice among SUVs. Here is what makes this car unique and some information on lease deals for Buick Encore.

Why choose Buick Encore
This car takes luxury and comfort to whole new levels. Starting off with the leather coated heated front seats and steering wheel. There’s also a remote control that allows you to heat the car in advance. Besides this, there’s a power button to start and switch off the engine.

All this coupled with flexible storage tanks for folding the front seat, and folding back seats, makes the Buick Encore enviable.

The Buick Encore Lease deals
Here are some of the best lease deals for Buick Encore 2017.

  • With a charge of approximately $199 per month, for 39 months, this is one of the most affordable rates. The down payment is about $1200 at the time of lease signing. However, there’s no security deposit and an upper limit of 32,500 miles. You can check with the dealer before signing up for this deal.
  • Another one of the best lease deals for Buick Encore, although much shorter, would be the 2-year duration one. Charged at approximately $149 per month, and a down payment of about $3700, your total cost for two years would be around $7000, which makes it a feasible option than most others.
  • Another one of the best lease deals for Buick Encore is a charge of approximately $238 USD per month; however, this is because there is no down payment required. This lease is valid for 36 months, with a limit of 10,000 miles per year.

These deals all cater to different price sets and conditions, and you’re sure to find one that fits your needs and price range best!

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