Popular Dollar General positions and their salary information

Applicants applying for a job at Dollar General should be at least 18 years old. Entry-level jobs usually do not require previous experience; however, other managerial and management positions would need typical educational qualifications related to that field.

Here is a list of few popular Dollar General positions and their salary information:

Cashier: The main responsibility of a cashier is to ring up purchases and answer customer queries regarding merchandises on shelf, sale, and store policies. Job seekers at for this position at Dollar General must be able to work fast and efficiently and should be able to stand for entire shifts. There is no relevant experience necessary for this position. The average salary of a cashier at Dollar General starts out with a minimum wage and can be expected to rise to $9 per hour.

Sales associates: This job position at Dollar General requires the applicant to be able to answer customer’s questions, such as finding requested items. They are also responsible for restocking shelf and completing sales. Additional duties may involve unloading trucks and organize merchandise in storage rooms. Basic mathematical skills are required to work on registers. The annual salary of a sales associate is $20,000 per annum. The salary for this position starts at minimum hourly wage.

Management: Management and managerial jobs at Dollar General require the employees to keep records of inventory and sales and complete team member schedules and supervise all employees. Other duties include interacting with customers to provide them with better shopping experience. They are also responsible for hiring other qualified candidates and perform tasks to support store associates. Managers can often earn $50,000 per annum.

Perishable foods manager: It manages the perishable department that assists customers in picking out meats, frozen foods, and other perishables. The hourly wage for this post is $10 per hour.

Warehouse Supervisor: A warehouse supervisor supervises a warehouse and maintains the punctuality by making sure that the merchandise for the local stores is promptly received and shipped. The salary offered for this job is $20 per hour.

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