Popular Bluetooth heart rate monitors

A Bluetooth heart rate monitor is used for checking your heart rate. It is a non-bulky monitor that is wireless and mainly used by people involved in fitness training to track and monitor their performance from time to time. There are certain of using a Bluetooth heart rate monitor,

  • The monitor is chest strap or a wristband which is small and compact. It is light and once hooked to the shirt or worn as a watch, it starts monitoring the heart rate
  • One main advantage of a Bluetooth heart rate monitor as the name suggests is that it can pair with any workout apps since it is Bluetooth compatible. This can account the calories accurately and schedule work routines on a timely basis
  • The world is full of data and the heart monitors can provide the stats about you that is important for personal goals and at time of heart emergencies to keep track of your health
  • The monitor is light-weight that gives an incentive to hook up and use it to the fullest.

Below are some companies offering best in class Bluetooth heart rate monitors:
Polar: The polar heart rate H10 is accurate, comfortable, and affordable. It has an attractive and simple look and is used widely during sports and training.
Garmin: It offers monitors that are data advanced. It is not only comfortable but also provides advanced statistics such as ground contact time.
JBL: JBL heart rate monitors are in neckband shape and provide audio monitor reviews. They are stylish, comfortable, and easy to use
MIO: MIO is a wristband monitor comes with advanced sensors that change the color of the monitor with a change in heart rate thereby making it easy and advanced to use. You can track and take action to the changes at a much faster pace.
Scosche: The Scosche armband monitor is light collects data through the Bluetooth device thereby giving all the necessary information to maintain personal fitness goals.

Use Bluetooth heart rate monitors to keep pace with your health before your health loses its way!

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