Popular arthritis pain relief products

Arthritis refers to any disorder of joints. It is well known that pain arising from arthritis can make it extremely difficult for normal functioning, but that doesn’t mean that one gives in to the pain. The medical fraternity and pharmaceutical industry has come up with arthritis pain relief products that can ensure that your daily life is not hampered by the disorder.

Types of arthritis pain relief products
When it comes to arthritis pain relief, the arthritis pain relief products involve not just medication, but also wearable applicative products. The following products and methods of arthritis pain relief can provide you with the relief you deserve:

  • Topical NSAIDs: Ointments and products that contain nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are extremely useful in arthritis pain relief. They directly act upon the arthritis swelling, decreasing it and thus reliving one of the joint pains.
  • Capsaicin: Arthritis pain relief products such as Zostrix contain this component which is the natural substance occurring in hot chili peppers that helps block the skin’s receptors.
  • Salicylates: The same pain relievers found in aspirin are found in these ointments, which reduce inflammation of the joints.
  • Counterirritants: Menthol and camphor are the main ingredients of these arthritis pain relief products that help relieve pain, by cooling or warming the skin.
  • Arthritis gloves and knee patches: The most basic function of these arthritis knee pain relief products is the compression of joints and the alleviation of pain. These work by acting on the affected joints, and works as an effective arthritis pain relief product. The knee patches and gloves are flexible, provide support, and also help to trap the heat or cold in.
  • Hot and cold therapy: The application of heat increases blood circulation and decreases pain. Products such as heated pads and microwave hot packs are effective arthritis pain relief products and are even encouraged by the Arthritis Foundation. Similar to heat, cold also relieves pain, but by constricting the blood vessels. Cold packs are also an effective arthritis pain relief product.

The market has various arthritis pain relief products that basically involve the above-mentioned components in varying combinations, in addition to other compounds. It is always advisable to consult your doctor before using any products.

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