Popular Amazon jobs you can apply for

Amazon is a global conglomerate of consumer goods and services provider across continents, with their biggest e-commerce website reporting a revenue of over 100 billion dollars. Amazon provides branded goods on their online portal which also offers great discounts and coupons for making purchases. With some payment options like cash-on-delivery, credit and debit cards, EMI options for purchasing expensive products, and online banking, you can just shop from the comfort of your home for almost anything.

Here are the different departments across which you can apply for your desired position and pay scale.

Administrative support: There are vacant positions for Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, Receptionist, and Office Manager. These are the people who make sure the entire administration keeps running smoothly. It is also one of the most exciting Amazon jobs you can get.

Business intelligence: As the name suggests, people working in this department are responsible for making decisions by analyzing tons of data like customer purchase patterns, shopping trends, and more to improve the profitability of the business. There are openings Economists, Data Analysts, Data Engineer, BI Engineer, Business Analyst, Customer Insight Analyst, and Statistician.

Database management: Amazon has some of the largest databases in the world which are why many people are needed to manage the high volumes of data on which business intelligence draw ideas and strategies. There are openings for the positions of Database Administrator, Database Engineer, and Database Specialist.

Finance and accounting: Of course, managing a big company is a challenge, but managing its finances is an even more significant challenge which is where people and resources come together to handle the massive financial volumes. Corporate teams require people in departments like accounting, FP&A, and customer selling experience and strategy.

Customer services: Being an e-commerce website, the department of customer service, which provides and develops solutions by CRM teams, is an important department as it is responsible for serving the billions shopping worldwide, assisting them with anything they require.

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