Popuar universities that offer psychology programs

Planning on earning your psychology degree soon? Well, then you may be confused about several factors and most important being, which university? There are several colleges and universities that offer psychology programs and can help in taking your career to new heights.

Choosing the right university should be the most important agenda as this will greatly impact your professional route in the future. Here are some of the popular colleges that you can consider when looking out for the best psychology programs:

Stanford University – Stanford University is one the top universities and is well-known for its psychology programs. Founded in 1885, the university offers speciality areas in psychology that include cognitive, developmental, social psychology, affective science, and developmental psychology. The admission process into this university is highly selective and it has several requirements that include recommendations, entrance exam scores, and more.

Princeton University – The Princeton University is popular for its psychology program wherein an individual can obtain a doctorate and master’s degree at the same time. It is also one the top colleges and has been ranked in the top tier since several years. One can opt for specialisation in neuroscience, social psychology, and more, thus allowing for a more focus career path.

University of Washington – The University of Washington offers a very well-designed psychology program that allows students to undergo a rigorous training under a faculty member. This is yet another university that allows its students to obtain a master’s degrees and also pursue a doctorate in the field. One can also choose between two minors that includes quantitative and diversity psychology.

University of Texas – The University of Texas aims to provide a psychology education to students who can go on to bring about development contribute to the field of research. It offers a  Ph.D. psychology program that requires a student to undergo qualitative training in the area. The University of Texas is one the best universities and continue to hold a strong position in the educational field.

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