Points to consider when choosing from the 10 best retirement plans

Choosing a retirement plan can be a difficult task. While opting for a retirement plan, one needs to consider various factors such as income, lifestyle, desire to invest further, and so on. No two people are the same; therefore, there exist a variety of plans that one can choose from. Given below are the 10 best retirement plans one can opt for. To further understand the process, one must delve further into details.

There are several aspects that go into formulating the best retirement plans. Broadly the retirement plans are classified based on how the profits are determined. The two categories are defined benefit and defined contribution plans. There are, however, certain retirement plans that imbibe in themselves the characteristics of both types of the plans. Such a mixture is usually termed as cash balance plans.

Some of the 10 best retirement plans include IRA, 401k, SEP IRA, 457b plans, and the modified versions of them. IRAs and its modified forms fall under the Individual Retirement Plans. While 401k and thrift savings plans and their modifications comprise the employer sponsored retirement plans (or defined contribution plans). The SEP IRAs and the SIMPLE IRAs are usually the retirement plans for the self-employed or small business owners.

Given the advanced times, one can no longer rely on their respective employer or for that matter even Social Security to cover their costs during their retirement. Pension funds are rare and not a sufficient source of income post retirement. Therefore, one has to take it upon themselves to plan accordingly and march steadfast into the future. One should note the flexibilities provided in the tax rates when choosing from the 10 best retirement plans. Based on this and also the myriad of options available, one can choose the plan that one needs.

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