Points to consider before buying a toilet seat raiser

Technological advances are not just for the youth. It is actually in demand and required for the elderly too. A handicap toilet seat riser for the disabled elderly is a perfect example for this. In addition to age being a barrier to perform everyday routines smoothly, disability is an impediment too. Sitting down and standing up, both involve the bending of the knees which could be difficult or not possible for many seniors. However, using the toilet every day is not just normal but also vital. A “handicap commode” which includes a toilet seat raiser thus provides comfort where it matters.

A “handicap commode” helps put less pressure on the knees and legs for the disabled as these include toilet seat raisers, which are a simple attachment that is fixed to the toilet bowl and existing toilet seat. Providing the required height to the user, it simultaneously allows the free movement of the commode lid. A hinged, elevated toilet seat can, moreover, be used similarly to a regular toilet seat. It replaces the existing toilet seat and provides the much-needed height for those who need it.

The toilet seat raiser comes in a variety of models. The points to be considered before buying these “handicap commodes” are as follows:
– Is the need for a toilet seat raiser temporary or permanent? Portable toilet seat risers are temporary options. However, permanently fixing these gives stability and prevents accidents.
– Is it to be fit onto a regular or an elongated toilet? What is the height of the user? The taller a person is, the higher the seat should be.
– What is the weight of the user? Regular toilet seat risers are suitable for people weighing 250 pounds or lesser. For heavier people, bariatric styles of toilet seat risers are appropriate.
– What is the additional height required? Toilet seat risers come in multiple height options.
– Does the user need an armrest or not? If the ones with armrests are chosen, should they be adjustable or permanent?
– Should the toilet seat riser be plain or cushioned?

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