Parts requiring lubrication in your 2000 Ford Explorer

You must use lubrication in cars for the following reasons:

  • To lessen the frictional forces. This occurs between moving parts and stationary parts and also between moving parts. This establishes steady operation of the engine.
  • To minimize the damage caused by the longterm usage of moving parts.
  • To bring down the temperature of the surfaces caused by friction.
  • To close a region neighboring the surfaces of piston rings and cylinder.
  • To act as a shock absorber between the housing of moving elements and other parts thus reducing noise.
  • To get rid of dirt, particles, and any accumulation of natural matters that gathers adjoining to the moving portions of a vehicle.

About Ford Explorer 2000
Ford Explorer 2000 is an American car assembled in the United States of America. The engine size is 4.0 liter; the engine type is V4 with a 160-hp capacity. The car is a 4 wheel drive with auto transmission gear. It is a sports utility vehicle.

Parts of Ford Explorer 2000 requiring lubrication
When wondering “how many places do I need to use lube on my 2000 Ford Explorer,” these are the areas you should focus on:

  • Body hinges, latches, door striker plates and rotors, seat tracks. Also, fuel filler door hinge and spring, hood latch, auxiliary latch, and seat tracks. Use multipurpose grease for the lubrication of these parts.
  • Hydraulic clutch fluid and brake fluid. Use high performance vehicle brake fluid.
  • Driveshaft, slip spline, and universal joints. The manufacturer recommends an application of premium long life grease.
  • Engine coolant; the manufacturer recommends using premium engine coolant.
  • Engine oil; the manufacturer recommends premium motor oil.
  • Automatic transmission power steering fluid. Ensure to use a premium engine coolant.
  • Ford conventional and traction-lock rear axles.
  • Front axle (4X4); the manufacturer recommends using premium rear axle lubricant.
  • Transfer case Front Output Slip Shaft; the manufacturer recommends using premium long life grease.
  • Windshield front and rear wipers.

It is advisable to use only high-quality lubrication from reputed suppliers on the specific places of your 2000 Ford Explorer. You should follow the instructions laid down by Ford. This will deliver trouble-free performance for a longer duration of time.

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