Overview of Spectrum business internet

It is important to have high-speed and seamless Internet connectivity to ensure you are able to conduct your business without any hassles. Therefore, availing an Internet connection from a reliable and reputed service provider is crucial.

Spectrum Business is one of the leading Internet service providers (ISP) that offer multiple packages. This allows you to choose the right plan based on the specific needs of your business.

Here are six features that are included in the Spectrum business internet packages:

  • Web hosting
  • Modem
  • Domain name
  • Internet security solution
  • Cloud backup
  • Email accounts

Here are the different services offered by this ISP.

Cloud backup services

The automatic backup and recovery solution allows you to easily manage multi-server and user ecosystems through the World Wide Web. Your confidential data is protected with military-grade encryption. You do not require additional hardware and software, thereby reducing your costs.

Web hosting

When you avail of Spectrum business internet service, you receive 25 free mail accounts and Web hosting services. This enables you to host your website and acquire more traffic for an increased online presence.

Internet security

The security solution provides protection from virus and other attacks. The spam control offers protection of inbound mail. The security solution is compatible with Mac and Windows Operating System (OS). The Internet shield prevents hackers and other threats ensuring your online security.

Static Internet protocol (IP)

Using a static IP is recommended if you own servers and use remote access applications. A static IP is beneficial for remote access for activities such as customer tracking, desktop, and accounting applications.

Business Wi-Fi

This allows you to connect any device wirelessly. Additionally, business Wi-Fi offers your personnel private Internet network that allows them to access data from anywhere. You do not require any additional equipment to use Wi-Fi connectivity.

Apart from these, Spectrum Business also offers fiber Internet that may transform your organization. It provides reliable, dedicated, and uninterrupted services. The solution is easily scalable as the needs of your business evolve as you grow and expand. All these services are available at an affordable price, which will not cause any financial distress to your business.

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