Optimum nutrition food chart for seniors

As we age, especially past 65, optimum nutrition becomes an essential and indispensable aspect of one’s daily life. Optimum nutrition meal plans are important to boost the flagging immunity in senior citizens, to prevent degeneration of the bones and muscles, to provide adequate nutrition to the brain and to keep the body as strong and healthy as possible.

When we age, the quantity of food one consumes can be less but nutritive value of food needs to be consistently high.

Consumption of whole grains and fiber-rich foods are important and would form a large portion of the meal. Consumption of adequate fluids is necessary under an optimum nutrition plan to keep the body well hydrated.

Fruits and vegetables are highly recommended, especially on account of their dense concentration of essential vitamins and minerals. In general, opt for fresh fruit over fruit juice. Artificially sweetened juices are better avoided.

Poultry, lean meat, eggs, nuts, and some kinds of beans are good sources of protein but need to be consumed in moderate quantities, keeping in mind the constitution of every individual. It is also important to ensure that you maintain the necessary levels of calcium, vitamin D, and Vitamin B12. Non-fat milk products are a good source of both calcium as well as protein. Those who are lactose intolerant would have to replace these with other sources of calcium such as spinach.

In general for all people, and specifically for senior citizens, irrespective of their medical history, it is preferable to completely avoid or greatly limit the consumption of white refines sugar, any foods that are artificially sweetened, foods that are dense in saturated fats such as red meat and full fat dairy products, foods that contain trans-fats such as hydrogenated vegetable oils and margarine, and highly salted foods or preserved foods that have a high sodium/salt content.

When one takes the effort to carefully plan an optimum nutrition diet chart and sticks to it, one naturally increases the chance of a healthy life post 60. Along with diet, exercise, sleep, adequate rest, and recreation are other important components of a healthy lifestyle.

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