Online savings accounts and best interest rates

When we need to stash our cash, we go to banks that keep our money and help us track our transactions and balances via print or online. The bank’s most basic product is a savings account. It’s an account and a secure place where we can store our real wealth.

The best savings account should come with good interest rates, good customer service, low or no fees and fascinating technology; this can be done if you compare savings accounts. Here, we have a few good banks having higher than average interest rates for you to compare their savings accounts benefits.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs
It is an online bank providing an online savings account with no monthly fee and has a competitive Annual percentage yield (APY). They have APY of 1.50% with $1 as a minimum balance. Downpour with this bank is that they don’t have ATM service, checking account or mobile app. You need to transfer to another bank account to withdraw money.

An online offshoot of the global financial services company is another online bank account providing savings account without monthly charges and good APY. They give their customers APY of 1.40%at a minimum balance of $1. They offer customers in the United States high yielding savings account that is accessible through a website.


An online savings bank with no minimum deposit’s requirement is APY of 1.40%. It has no monthly fees and allows you to keep $0 minimum balance. Discover gives its customers 24/7 live help. It also gives a bonus of $200 when you fulfill the requirements.

American Express
The High-Yield Savings Account from American Express Personal Savings pays a stellar APY of 1.35%, among the highest available. And you won’t have to worry about minimum balances or monthly fees. American Express Support is available 24/7 via phone.

Saving bank accounts are the most common kind of bank account kept by people all around the world. They provide you with the facility of storing their money and allow you to withdraw anytime you please, and it adds to itself small amounts of interest each year. Remember to compare savings accounts of various banks and their respective rates to gain the best results.

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