Monitor your glucose levels with diabetic monitors

The body of a person who does not have diabetes tracks glucose levels all day and night to ensure that the right amount of insulin is released at the right time. To control and manage diabetes, a system is needed to check your glucose levels consistently. The most common glucose monitors are blood glucose meters (diabetes monitors) and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems. With the help of this diabetes monitors, you can get a clear picture of your blood glucose levels, which can lead you to better treatment options and better glucose controls.

CGM is a way to measure glucose levels in real-time throughout the day and night. A tiny electrode known as the glucose sensor is inserted under the skin to measure the glucose levels in tissue fluids. This is connected to a transmitter which then sends the information via wireless radio frequency to monitoring and display device. The device then detects and notifies you in case your blood glucose level is reaching a high or low limit. The advancement of technology has brought forth the latest trend of Medtronic CGM systems that can alerts you before you even reach your glucose limits. But it is still recommended that you calibrate CGM systems with finger sticks 3–4 times per day for optimal glucose sensor accuracy. The CGM system is great for seniors as it helps monitor their blood glucose levels constantly thereby putting the caregiver’s mind at ease.

The CGM systems usually consist of a glucose sensor, a transmitter, and a small external monitor in which you can view your blood sugar levels. The CGM monitor is small, discreet, and easy-to-wear. It can be attached to your belt, hidden in your pocket, or even worn under your clothing. The transmitter is also a small, lightweight device that is attached to the glucose sensor, gathers your glucose data and sends the information wirelessly to the glucose monitor unit. The glucose sensor that is inserted under your skin has a small sticky patch to hold it in place.

These type of diabetes monitors will help maintain the blood sugar levels with their accurate readings.

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