Know when to repair brake pads

Accelerator, brake, and clutch—these are the three most important and basic elements of any vehicle while driving. While the clutch and accelerator help you to run the vehicle, the brakes aid you to bring the vehicle to rest.

Imagine when driving on a road and an obstacle suddenly comes on your way, the first thing you do is press the brake to avoid hitting that obstacle. You might be very familiar with the brakes of your vehicle but do you know that the brakes you have been using so frequently are made up of many other parts? All these parts are connected to one another and work to convert kinetic energy to the frictional force, which helps in stopping the vehicle. One such part of the brakes is the brake pad.

How does a brake pad function?
Your vehicle wheels are attached to a brake rotor, which is compressed by a regulator, whenever you press away from the brake. This helps in slowing down the wheel movement. The brake pad is a resistant shield, connecting the brake rotor and brake regulator. Every time the brake pedal is pressed, the regulator pushes away the brake pad on the rotor, causing the wheel movement to stop. This is the reason brake pads get worn out and need replacement time to time.

When to replace or repair brake pads?

  • The brake is not functioning properly
  • When you feel brake pedals to be loose
  • When the brake pedal seems to be very hard and stiff
  • When applying the brake creates some sort of unfamiliar sound
  • When there is some sort of vibration on pressing the brake pedal

Choosing the correct brake pad material
Usually, a brake pad varies with the vehicle. Different types of vehicles are designed with different brake pads. It is better to consult an automobile mechanic before you decide to change or get the brake pads repaired.

Generally, brake pads are made up of three types of materials:

Brake pads made out of this material are best for daily-use vehicles. These are less costly and comparatively safe—as when they wear out, they create some sort of vibrating sound, thus alarming you to change or repair the brake pads.

These are for lighter vehicles and are comparatively not that effective. As it is made up of rubber or glass-like material, it gets worn out very soon and needs replacement. This type of brake pad is not ideal for vehicles to be used in heavy traffic.

Copper fibers
These are generally used in vehicles such as sports cars and sports bikes. There are very costly and long-lasting and don’t need frequent replacement.

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