Know more about Ford’s diesel pickup trucks

Pickups have taken the country by storm. Their sales have skyrocketed in the past three years alone, and their popularity has followed suit. This isn’t for no reason, of course. Ford keeps the needs and demands of the customers in mind and works their strategy accordingly. The latest addition to the already existing line of impressive pickups is Ford’s diesel pickup trucks.

Trucks are expected to last for a long time due to the sound investment buyers have to make when purchasing one. This is all the more important now since so many newer versions keep coming out for customers to pick from. In an effort to expand the appeal of trucks to a wider audience, Ford has rolled out the option of diesel pickup trucks.

Cause for the switch
Manufacturers have a vested interest in trucks and how they perform. The Ram 1500 EcoDiesel made waves in the sales department, and it wasn’t long before others followed suit. The speculation surrounding Ford and its decision to let out diesel pickup trucks has been long running. And it has finally officially made the announcement.

What is known of Ford’s diesel engine is that it is a 3.0-liter power stroke V6 and will be joined with the 6-speed automatic. The 6.7-liter power stroke turbo diesel comes with an exhaust brake function, making towing easier than ever and gives the driver immense control, especially when moving downhill. The exhaust brake minimizes the pedal pressure and thus saves you on the cost of maintenance.

The classic properties
With the diesel engine, you can expect power speeds of 450 hp and an output of about 935 lb-ft. of torque. There are some things that will remain standard among the F-150 models such as the auto start/stop button and the adaptive cruise control. Ford’s diesel pickup trucks also come with a split shaft capability, which helps generate greater power.

Whether you opt for diesel or gas, your Ford F-150 is going to take you places, with almost no hassle. You also get the comfort unheard of in pickups, with plush interiors and storage space. You can operate multiple accessories, while the truck is at a complete stop. The power output is a class apart, just like this pickup truck.

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