Know how to change the oil on the 1991 Ford Explorer

You might have heard the phrase, “Old is Gold” many times, but there are some people who believe in this. This is the reason why instead of selling their old cars to buy a new one, they continue with that old car. This is also applicable on those who are car enthusiasts and love to own new as well as old car models.

Owning an old car will be a wastage of money and property if you are unable to maintain it. An old car needs proper care and maintenance. Right from the brakes to engine and fuel to lubrication, everything needs to change from time to time for the proper functioning of your beloved car. Read on to know more about the maintenance and how to change the oil on 1991 Ford Explorer, and the like.

About the 1991 Ford Explorer
In 1991, Ford launched its two new sports cars with an excellent outlook. One with two front doors and a lifting back door and the other with four doors and one lifting back door. Both the cars were designed to offer an exclusive stance with a measure of 70 inches wide and 68 inches tall. The 4L V6 engine delivered the power of 155 hp. The 5 gear manual transmission and optional 4 gear automatic transmission system delivered an amazing speed capacity. The power steering and the rear wheels anti-lock braking system made it one of the advance cars of the 90s. The capacious interior with five to eight seating capacity in the four doors explorer and up to 4 seating capacity in the two doors explorer made it a family-friendly car. The two-door explorer was adventure friendly and offered a tempestuous ride while four-door explorer made your ride comfortable and cozy.

Tough the 1991 Ford Explorer was ones the amazing cars of the period of the 90s, but today, 27 years later, it needs to be maintained properly. Battery change, brake pad change, and oil change are very important when it comes to maintenance.

How to change the oil on the 1991 Ford Explorer
It is very important to change oil filter with oil to avoid engine damage or over-consumption of fuel. Therefore, follow these steps to know how to change the oil filter and oil on the 1991 Ford Explorer:

  • Locate the oil filter near the engine of your car
  • Using a wrench, open up the old oil filter turning the wrench anti-clockwise
  • Remove the old oil filter once opened
  • Clean away all the old oil in the tank by opening the oil tank screw
  • Now tighten the screw of oil tank
  • Then install the new oil filter and clean it properly
  • Fill up the oil tank with oil using a funnel
  • Close the filter cap properly, and it is done

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