Know about the incentives for the 2017 Ford Escape

Whether you’re buying a new car or looking to rent a luxurious one, you probably already keep an eye out for incentives. You might be shocked at the differences in prices of cars, depending upon the location and your ability to negotiate.

But with incentives and rebates, you can now let your negotiation skills take a back seat, while you reap the benefit of every penny spent on a car. In this case, read on to know about the 2017 Ford Escape incentives.

What are the incentives and rebates offered on cars?
The incentives and rebates offered on new cars is nothing but a discount offered by the manufacturer or dealer to the customer. This is done either to establish and maintain brand loyalty or to put their target customers away from a competition. Incentives and rebates are also used in some cases to encourage the sales of models that aren’t performing as well as they were expected to. This is why location matters because the incentives offered changes from place to place.

You’re potentially looking at saving thousands of dollars through incentives and rebates, so there’s no reason to not opt for them when they are there. The Ford Escape S, SE, and Titanium all come with different incentives.

There are also many forms of incentives: cash rebates, special lease deals, and a low financing on APR. Hence, if there’s also a special customer bubble that you fall into, such as military, college grad, or first-time buyer, as there are additional incentives for the same.

Incentives offered by Ford
Incentives are volatile in that they change depending on local and regional variables. You can have a general idea about the incentives offered on the 2017 Ford Escape, but you will have to contact your local dealer in order to get the exact picture.

Ford US (Washington DC Region) offers retail customer cash at approximately $2500 and APR financing at around 0.0% for about 36 months. Ford US National offers the Escape Alternative Retail Dealer Cash at approximately $6000 and even a Mobility Motoring Program at around $1000. There are many other such programs you stand to benefit from pricing around $500.

If you do your research well before purchase, you’re sure to find incentives for the 2017 Ford Escape that would offer you the best for your investment in the car.

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