Know about the changing trends in Ford Fusion

Since 2006, when Ford Fusion came into existence, it’s fuel economy has always been in the top notch. In this scenario, if we see how the Ford Fusion’s gas mileage has been transformed over the past 12 years, the journey has definitely not been easy.

Assessing the EPA rating for a vehicle’s average fuel economy (combined) includes the split between highway and city driving. Let’s have a quick look at the combined and split MPG while considering 6 cylinder, 3.0 liters, 6-speed automatic transmission to monitor the change.

Ford Fusion 2006–2012
The average combined MPG during this time was 21 with 18 in the city and 26 on the highway. This was with the 6 cylinder, 3.0 liters, 6 speed-automation Ford Fusion. The trends did not change much in this duration.

However, with the changes in the technology and it’s specifications, six available engines and 11 trim levels, it can be a dizzying task to configure a Ford Fusion. Ford Fusion’s gas mileage showed similar trends in the upcoming years as well.

What’s new in 2017 for Ford Fusion?
When the second-generation Fusion went on sale in late 2012, Ford touted the new design, driving dynamics, technology, choice of engines, and what was originally hoped to be the best-in-class fuel economy.

Heading into 2017, Fusion came with the new concept of adaptive cruise control, an automatic start and stop feature, and a rotary shifter; moreover, its front and rear ends were revised. Not just this, but new two trim levels (Sport and Platinum) were also introduced. With Ford providing the best mileage over the past years.

What ford overcame in 2018?
Whether you choose the S Appearance Package, the SE Appearance Package, or the SE Luxury Package, the 2018 Ford Fusion has the good looks to go along with its performance and technology.

The EPA rating of Fusion Hybrid front-wheel-drive is 43 MPG city, 41 highway and 42 combined. Whereas, the combined EPA rating of Camry Hybrid 2018 is 52 MPG.

The Ford Fusion stands in the average to above-average economy ratings, but for higher level ratings, hybrid stands the best in the Ford family.

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