Invacare mobility scooter parts that are available in the market

Invacare is a medical transportation device brand owned by Invacare Corporation. Their mobility products include wheelchairs, power chairs, mobility scooters, and much more. Although the roots of the company can be traced way back to 1885, when they began producing a line of vehicles for the physically impaired people, the company has grown and earned a reputation for themselves only in the last 30 years.

A mobility scooter although similar to a wheelchair in the looks department is configured like a motor scooter. It is also referred to as a power-operated vehicle/scooter or as an electric scooter as well. These scooters do not look like wheelchairs, and that is why most people have taken a liking towards it. This scooter by Invacare is the right choice for those who want to ride in style, as it is the most stylish scooter around. It is a great asset for seniors who have trouble getting around in and out of the house. But like all the other products that we invest in, the mobility scooter also faces wear and tear, which may require the replacement of some Invacare parts most affected in the process. Read on to look at some of the Invacare parts that are available:

  • 24 volt 4.0 Amp Battery Charger: This battery charger can be used with mobility scooters, power wheelchairs, and electric scooters as well.
  • 12 volt 10AH Battery: This battery is commonly used in electric scooters and stand up gas models as well as in mobility scooters.
  • 12 volt 18AH Battery: This 18AH makes an excellent upgrade for any mobility scooter running off this size class of batteries.
  • XLR Onboard Battery Charger Adaptor: This adaptor is for the mobility Pride scooters. It has a female connector and a male 3-pin XLR battery charger.
  • Kenda K301 Low-rolling Resistant Tire: This non-marking tube-type tire comes with a K301 Tread Pattern for low-rolling resistance and maneuverability.
  • Primo Grande C203 Foam-filled Tire: This mobility tire comes with the C203 tread pattern.

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