Important points to raise during your cleaning job interview

Cleaning jobs are broadly classified into two categories, namely domestic and commercial. Domestic cleaners are hired by homeowners while commercial cleaners are hired by corporations and companies. 

Whatever may be the hiring criteria, applying for cleaning jobs has become very easy due to online job sites designed specifically for the cleaning and housekeeping industry. Searching for cleaning jobs using advanced features will not only ensure you get the best listings but also give you an idea as to what you can expect out of the job listing.

It is, however, important to consider the following points once you are shortlisted for an interview:

Find out more about the job: Although you have listed your skills, qualifications, and previous job experience, it is still a good idea to know more about the cleaning job. Granted your potential employer has shortlisted you for a reason, but find out exactly what he or she is expecting out of you once you start working. Ask questions like what will be the work hours, what are the different types of tasks to be performed, and so on.

Products and equipment: For cleaning jobs, there are specific equipment and cleaning products used, be it for domestic or commercial cleaning. Ask whether the employer has a particular choice when it comes to these products (some might prefer to use eco-friendly products). In the case of commercial cleaning, certain industrial strength cleaners and agents have to be used. Express your concerns, highlighting these points and ask whether you will be provided with the necessary safety equipment and gear to ensure maximum efficiency and no mishaps. These points have to be raised while applying for specialized cleaning jobs like building window cleaning, crime scene cleaning, medical and hospital cleaning, etc.

Understand the difference between domestic and commercial cleaning: If you have been working as a domestic cleaner or housekeeper but are looking for a change, commercial cleaning jobs pay just as well, sometimes even better. It is important to understand the change and transition and most importantly, whether the switch is worth the money. Monetary compensation will ultimately determine whether the cleaning job is worth your time and effort, but be sure to ask and see if there is room to negotiate the compensation in any case.

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