Importance of landline phone service for seniors

Today as cell phones have taken a long step in the telecom industry, landline phones have become a dying breed. A phone is a necessity for all. It is hard to live without a phone or with the fact of not being able to connect with dear ones.

In the age of advanced wireless technology where the majority of the people prefer mobile phones, landline phones are still in demand. Here are seven reasons why a landline, especially for seniors, is important.


If you couple your landline with Internet and television, you may be able to enjoy a lower cost. Certain plans may actually be more expensive if you do not include a landline.

Emergency situation

Landline phone services for seniors allow them to get in touch with 911 or with their loved ones in case of emergencies. Although you may use a mobile phone, the tracking system may not provide the exact location. This is overcome with a landline.

No contract

Several landline phone service providers offer such services without any contract. This is beneficial, especially if you are caught up with an expensive mobile phone plan.


Most home security systems use landlines to connect to the emergency call centers. Although there may be additional options for wireless services, in case of power failures or bad connection, a landline is beneficial.

If you make a call to the cops from your landline phone, they immediately receive your location and efficiently send their task force for help.

Transmission quality

Landline phones offer high quality of voice transmission, which is means of comfort for seniors who may suffer from loss of hearing due to their age. Reports show that transmission quality on cordless phones is significantly better than cell phones.


Several seniors find it easier to use a landline than demystify the complications of modern day smartphones.

As the number of people eliminating landlines, it is important to continue using landline phone services for seniors. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, it goes a long way in keeping the younger generations away from the negative impacts of using cell phones.

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