Ignition interlock device – The gadget to help prevent drunk driving

All Driving Under the Influence (DUI) offenders previously had their license suspended for a certain period of time. They had to use public transport for getting around or ride in vehicles driven by friends or family members. Ignition Interlock Devices (IID) provide a way for less serious offenders to still be able to use their vehicles after a conviction.

Ignition interlock devices (IID)
These are electronic devices that are installed in cars. An IID works like a breathalyzer. The driver has to blow into the device, and it will measure the alcohol content in the breath sample. A part of the initiative is to prevent accidents caused by drunk driving, most states have some sort of ignition interlock device laws.

DUI offenders and convicted offenders who refuse a Blood Alcohol Test (BAC) test, will mostly be required to install these devices in their cars for a certain period of time. The driver must pass an initial test to be allowed to continue driving the vehicle with the IID. Random re-tests are required by many states to ensure that the person does not violate drunk-driving laws after passing the first test.

Data collected from each test are sent to the authority who had ordered the installation of the IID.

Ignition interlock device cost
The cost of an IID depends on many factors. On an average, an ignition interlock device could cost between $75 to $150. This is is just for device installation. Depending on the state where you live, the features that the IID is required to have, the lease fees and other factors, the ignition interlock device cost goes up.

The cost could differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. It can depend on the period of time you are supposed to have the device installed on your vehicle. The monthly lease cost could begin at $60. If the authority who had ordered the installation of the device wants additional features on the IID like a camera, GPS, and real-time data feed, it could really add up to the cost.

Sometimes, your car make and model might play a role, making it more difficult to install and connect up an IID.

If you are unable to pay for the IID, some states provide financial aid in paying for the installation and maintenance of the device.

Installing an ignition interlock device may be expensive. However, you are allowed to still drive your car unless repeated offenses end up in getting you a more severe conviction. It also saves you the expenses involved in using buses and other public transport systems. You stay on the alert and learn to avoid driving while under the influence of alcohol. Compared to these benefits, the ignition interlock device cost might not be much.

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