How to prepare for the postal exam 473

Are you looking for a job in the United States Postal Service? Then firstly, you should be well acquainted with their hiring process. All postal job aspirants must take a written test known as Postal Exam 473. These are mostly to be taken for positions such as postal carriers, machine operators, mail handlers, and processors. This test is conducted to gauge the applicant’s basic skills when it comes to executing certain types of tasks, such as verifying addresses, completing forms, swiftness, coding, memory, and accuracy.

This exam could serve an opportunity for you to strengthen your application for post office jobs. Therefore, you must seriously prepare for the postal test. To get you started, here are some ways which can help while you are studying for a USPS jobs.

Preparation guide – Want a comprehensive direction for your postal exam? Then begin by using a self-study guide which comprises of essential lessons and mock practice papers. Although USPS does not endorse any particular guides, you can pick popular books like Pass the New Postal Test 473E or Postal Test 473E Speedy-Study Guide for your preparation. Remember to ensure that whichever guide you intend to purchase should be an updated print.

Mock tests – The key to achieve any goal is to practice using mock tests. You can find them in your guides and even online. These will help you develop speed, which is tremendously vital while writing postal exams. You will also be able to anticipate the potential for securing a good score. Such mock tests will also enlighten you about all the possible shortcomings which need some extra work.

Online communities – Like you, there will be several aspirants applying for postal jobs. This is why you will end up finding numerous student communities online. In such virtual spaces, you can ask various doubts and share notes as well as latest USPS job developments. So, don’t forget to stay connected.

Study groups – Need a good tutor? Then participating in a study group can be an idea that you can consider. This can be especially great if you want to resolve doubts. Although, you need the right company for a productive study session.

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