How to find the right mobility walker

Walkers for elderly are instruments that help in the ease of movement and transportation. Gone are the days when choosing from mobility walkers was a tedious task for the elders. With the different styles and models available in the market, you have so many options to choose from, thereby helping you find the ideal walker for you.

Some basic factors need to be kept in mind when comparing the models. Given the size and feature specifications, finding a piece that suits all your needs helps you live a comfortable life, especially if you are suffering from leg or back problems.

Some of the models available in the market are:

Wheeled walkers
As the name suggests, a wheeled walker has two wheels at the front which are non-rotatable. This type of mobility walkers helps in the ease of movement, significantly on an uneven terrain.

Walkers without wheels
If you are looking for something that can give you extra support and stability, you should consider a basic walker without wheels. The best option for indoor use, they are ideal for those who need some extra help.

A widely recommended type of walkers for elderly, rollators have four wheels that swirl in all the directions. Some of the models are equipped with seats, thus offering maximum mobility and ease of movement.

Canes provide minimum support in the walking process, and because they can be folded easily, they can be carried anywhere on the go. Want some extra balance when moving? A cane suits your needs!

When selecting from one of the four types mentioned above, consider:

  • The traveling time. Are you going too far or just around the corner of your home?
  • How much support you will need. Can you manage yourself or need some extra help?
  • Your weight. Will the wheels be able to carry your body?
  • The terrain of the place. Is it smooth or rugged?
  • The option of wheels. Will you need more mobility when on the go?
  • The height of the walker. Is it comfortable for you? Can you adjust your viewing angle?
  • The seating feature. Will you need some rest on the move?

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