How to choose the perfect wheelchair van

For the comfort of the disabled, technology has come up with the facility of wheelchair vans. A majority of the nation is flabbergasted by the disability factor. Hence, the vehicles either with a wheelchair ramp or wheelchair van, try their best to help. While looking for wheelchair vans, it is important to make the right decision.

Knowing your requirement: It is essential to know what equipment you shall require in your vehicle. The National Mobility Equipment Dealer’s Association (NMEDA) should be contacted so that they understand you as a person and hence identify your disability because everybody’s ailment is not similar. You should jot down what features would suit your needs and similarly cost options would be provided to you. Also, ensure there is enough space for your family and friends in your wheelchair van.

Evaluation and prescription facility: A certified driver rehabilitation specialist shall be brought in contact with you with the help of NMEDA. The driver shall fully scrutinize your driving skills; evaluate your coordination abilities and vision. The driver shall conclude after that what kind of upgrade your existing vehicle or minivan requires or shall give you a written prescription for a wheelchair van.

Budget decision: First make sure, the wheelchair van or wheelchair ramp that you are purchasing from a particular company, is a standard one. It is always better to buy a wheelchair van because the conversion of a normal van into a wheelchair one can be a costly affair. Many grants and charities are also available which help in the buying of such vans. Special funds are available for vets and donations can be asked from churches as well.

Maintenance: You should take good care of your wheelchair van. Otherwise, the charities helping you out shall stop the funding. Your affiliation to reputable companies shall avail certain discounts to you.

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