How to choose between rollators and walkers

Walkers are probably one of the most commonly used mobility aids by the elderly. However, there is a lot of exertion initiated by the elderly while using one. First, they have to lift the walker and place it a step away in order for them to talk the next step and second, the elderly have to be very careful not to let the walker skid away thereby losing the balance. The first point can be daunting because it is quite tiring to be lifting the walker every step and there is always this coordination that needs to happen between the where the walker is placed and how far the leg can move. Considering the disadvantages associated with the walkers, rollators have evolved and have been of great support to the elderly. Rollators are nothing but walkers with wheels attached to them. If they are glorified version of a walker, how does one know which one to buy? Here are some guidelines for the same:

  • If the elderly have a lot of trouble with their mobility, rollators are the best option. They offer the best form of support in assisted walking and stability as well.
  • Rollators also offer a great form of exercise for the elderly. They certainly provide the motivation to the elderly to move around even better, which in turn strengthens their muscle power, bones, increases cardiovascular functionalities, reduces body fat and improves the overall bodily functions.
  • If the elderly in your home are globetrotters who are impaired with mild mobility issues, then buying them a rollator could just solve their problem forever.
  • While the classic walker helps in several ways, an elderly has to exert a lot of effort to bring the walker closer to their bodies if they had wrongly placed it far away from them. This back and forth exertion could affect their shoulders in the long run. A rollator holds no such threats! The brake system is handy and moving the unit if effortless. The wheels of the rollator are also anti-skid which thereby ensures the safety of the elderly.

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