How to apply for post office jobs

The United States Postal Service has been operating for more than 200 years, and this longstanding agency currently houses more than 600,000 employees. Right from fresh graduates to experienced professionals, USPS offers a varied range of occupations associated with delivery, operations, finance, marketing, and management. If you want to craft a career by working in USPS, it is crucial for you to be aware of the application procedure for postal jobs.

To help you get started, here are certain steps you must take while you are applying for postal jobs.

Crosscheck USPS criteria – You must ensure to satisfy all the fundamental requirements for USPS jobs. These are mandatory for all the job aspirants. For instance, you must be at least 18 years old when you start working or aged 16 with a high school diploma. You also need to be a legal citizen of the US or any of its official territories. Also, remember that postal jobs involve the procedure of stringent criminal background checks, drug screening, and medical tests. If the desired job position requires driving as a skill, you must possess a valid driver’s license.

Pick the right job profile – USPS deals with numerous postal jobs, so select a profile that perfectly matches your skills, work experience, and academic qualifications. Mostly, the postal business is bifurcated into two parts, i.e., operations (field work and physical efforts) and corporate positions (office and administrative tasks). Some of the most common profiles for post office jobs are accounting, finance, engineer, mail handlers, mechanics, human resources, logistics, sales, marketing, postal carrier, etc.

Log on to the USPS website – USPS require job applicants to register to their website to commence their application procedure. This digital application file directs you to fill in your details, employment history, academic qualifications, and practical skills.

Take the USPS examination – For several positions at USPS, you will have to take the postal exam 473, so that you could achieve a score to advance for an interview. You can find question paper format for this entrance exam on the USPS’s official site.

Interview – If you nail the postal exam 473 by securing a qualifying score, the recruiters will invite you for an interview. The interview for postal jobs will differ according to the kind of positions you have applied for.

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