How personality can change post bariatric surgery

When going for a bariatric surgery, people often forget the emotional toll it’ll take on them apart from the physical and financial toll. The goal of any bariatric advantage surgery is to cut down on calories and make the person feel full by limiting or reducing parts of their intestine or stomach. The goal here is to lose excess weight, which can further cause any type of health problem. While there are many advantages of getting a bariatric advantage surgery done, one needs to prepare themselves emotionally as well as physically before they decide to go for the surgery.

Bariatric surgery results in weight loss as well as causes a lot of mood swings and emotional changes. This is caused due to the fluctuating hormones as a result of sugar intake being obstructed, and insulin production being affected. After getting a bariatric surgery done, personality changes in some patients are inevitable, but not difficult to overcome.

Negative personality changes
The pre- and post-bariatric diet require the person to restrict or eliminate carbohydrates. The surgery itself results in alteration of nutrients and a diet that avoids crabs is insufficient in nutrients, which can result in changes in the serotonin levels and as well as neurotransmitter activity. When functions like these are compromised it results in mood swings, and one can develop depression and anxiety disorders. After surgery weight loss, to maintain the new weight becomes a source of anxiety. Family functions, holiday or company trips that usually include food that has to be avoided now, and this usually results as a source of stress for some. The drastic change, especially for those people who had been eating to comfort themselves, can result in anxiety issues.

Positive personality changes
All the negative changes can be overshadowed by the positive changes one sees in themselves post-bariatric surgery and weight loss. After losing the excess weight, one develops a newfound zest for life, activity, creativity and new personal interests. One learns to appreciate themselves and as well gets to enjoy all physical activities and exercises, that was uninhibited by excess weight.

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