How Dr. Scholl’s products help the elderly

Decades of working hard certainly has its impact on an older adult. Such impacts can be vehemently noticed in the foot especially. Firstly, an elderly could find it difficult to reach all the way to their toenails to groom it properly – they may not be even physically capable of bending so much. Secondly, it is an act of sheer ignorance, where their entire attention is given to some other medical problem(s), clearly ignoring the foot. It is prudent to note that when there is a problem with our feet, it could very well be first signs of arthritis or diabetes or even nervous system or circulatory disorder.

So how does an elderly go about taking care of themselves? Dr. Scholl’s – a foot care brand that has forever been researching on Podiatry-related ailments has come up with a number of cures for foot-related problems. On the website of Dr. Scholl’s, foot care-related information is given. One may easily understand how to go about with foot care. This can be essentially categorized into two:

  • Common foot ailments
  • Orthotic-related ailments

Common foot ailments – These essentially include ailments like arch pain, heel pain, heel spurs, osteoarthritis, muscle fatigue, shoe-related discomfort, corn, calluses, blisters and much more.

Orthotic related – Additional insoles are placed in the inner layer of the shoe. The additional layer goes a long way in the well being of the elderly. Studies have proven that insoles increase the stability and enhance posture which in turn strengthens the muscles. Insoles are extremely important for a person with diabetes who tends to have frequent injuries coupled with a delayed healing process. Having an insole in place will only ensure that there is less pressure on the foot, reduces the chances of falling and eventually leads to increased strength.

Dr. Scholl’s specialty is making insoles. Their solution for foot care with regard to insoles comes as:

  • To be able to wear a footwear without any discomfort just by using the insole
  • To provide additional comfort and energy
  • To protect the foot all day (right from odor to muscular strength)
  • To provide relief from any pain arising from lower back or foot

The elderly need to visit their website and answer a basic set of questions, which will eventually suggest them the insole that they should buy. If you are still not satisfied, check out Dr. Scholl’s kiosk for their custom fit.

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