Here’s why you should include bariatric vitamins in your diet

Vitamins and minerals are essential for our body. They enable our body to perform its functions to the fullest. Bariatric vitamins speed up the weight loss regimen and play a vital role in keeping us healthy. They are responsible for the fast processing and functioning of the brain, in the absorption of all required nutrients, curbs the pangs of hunger, fat and sugar is metabolized faster, thyroid and adrenal functions occur more readily, and bariatric vitamins also help to store energy. Bariatric vitamins include the vitamins A, C, K and folate and the food is the best means of furnishing our body with its daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

Another reason why bariatric vitamins are required because right after bariatric surgery, the body is unable to consume vitamins and minerals at the usual rate. It becomes prone to vitamin deficiencies, and hence bariatric vitamins come into the picture. Surgery weakens the body’s ability to draw vitamins and minerals from food and also decreases the intake of food. Usually, before surgery, the patients are already vitamin deprived and hence after surgery, more bariatric vitamin supplements are required to ward off the extra weight and keep obesity at bay. Ignoring a bariatric diet and vitamins could lead to deficiencies like:

  • Calcium: osteoporosis
  • Iron: anemia, feelings of fatigue and hair loss.
  • Folate: anemia
  • Protein: Majorly required by the body. Hence, can lead to death, organ failure, muscle deterioration, and gallstones.
  • Thiamin deficiency: Nervous, digestive system and heart are affected. If not cured on time, memory could be hampered forever. Finally, causing coma and death.

Here, we can also talk about broccoli. This is one such vegetable which has all the essential vitamins and fiber complied into its molecular structure. Nature has already blessed it with all nutrients required, which interact with each other and make themselves available to the human body in the best possible manner.

Medical research has also offered to inform us that vitamins and minerals essential for us cannot be only offered by food items. They are beneficial when consumed separately as supplements.

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