Here’s why the brand new Volkswagen Tiguan is a great buy

Be it an adventure to another level, luxurious feel, thrilling experiences, Volkswagen brings you all this in a package. The cutting-edge technology and features will not only amaze you but it will also let you drive to a whole new world of adventures. The Volkswagen Tiguan has been a highly anticipated launch and now that it is finally here, many are excited to check out its amazing features; these have been mentioned as follows.

Safety features
The brand new Volkswagen Tiguan brings you the best experience on road, off-road, as well as online. Being safer than the safest, it comes with 6 airbags, anti-locking braking system (ABS), and Electronic Stabilization Programme (ESP).

Not only inside, Volkswagen Tiguan provides safety outside as well. Being enabled with Active hood sensors, the front bumper signals in case of a collision causing the active hood to raise, minimizing damage to the pedestrian. This brand new car is ready to take you on all the adventures you always dreamt of.

Visual features
One of the most beautiful things you’ll notice in the brand new Volkswagen Tiguan is the big panoramic sunroof. It allows you to experience views like no other SUV can. The SUV has beautiful LED lights in the interior that make it look simple yet classy. You might want to know more about what other features are offered by this luxurious car.

Driving technology
Volkswagen Tiguan provides everything you need for the ups and downs of your journey. It comes with a Hill Descent and Hill Hold control technology. This allows you to have a good hold while you go down a slope or get up on a steep incline.

What are you waiting for? The brand new Volkswagen Tiguan has arrived in the market, providing best economic rates carrying these brilliant technology features. A well-built European SUV with classy styling, high-quality cabin, big 615 liters boot space allowing you and your family to have the most lively, thrilling, and chilling experience.

Why wait? You can set this brand new Volkswagen Tiguan for your next date. Tiguan will offer you the best balance between performance and efficiency.

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