Here’s what you need to know about the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan

If you are considering luxury SUVs with high performance, you can’t get far without hearing Volkswagen. The efficiency, quality, and most of all the security makes it a car most people love to own and drive around. Moreover, their cars are even eco-friendly. What else can you ask for? The new Volkswagen Tiguan 2017 has all the above-mentioned features and more.

Features of the new Volkswagen Tiguan 2017

This is a very important factor in cars and Volkswagen offers you nothing but the best when it comes to this. With fuel type diesel and automatic transmission, it gives a mileage if about 17.06 kmpl

This car has a displacement of 1968 CC with a torque 350 Nm @ 1750–2750 rpm. This gives a power of 141 bhp at 4000 rpm.

Enjoy the speed
The car has AWD drive trains with 4 cylinders and 4 gears giving you the luxury of experiencing high speeds comfortably.

You can find the car in three bold and enchanting colors. Have your pick of it from tungsten silver, Atlantic blue, deep black, Indium grey and the pearly shade of Oryx white.

Accessories you must invest in

Roof edge spoiler
The roof edge spoiler doesn’t just add a sporty look to the car. It, in fact, improves the aerodynamics of the car. This significantly improves the control you can have.

Mud flaps
You want to drive your car on any terrain and not have to worry about getting it all dirty. The mud flaps are a great way of protecting the body of the car.

You can add many more accessories to your car like the roof bars, bicycle carrier mirror caps, alloy wheels, and not to forget the wheel bolt locking set to keep the wheels of your new Volkswagen Tiguan 2017 safe from theft.

The name Tiguan won the naming award by a car magazine called Auto Bild. The name is, in fact, a combination of “Tiger” and “Iguana.”

There are several dealers from which you can get the best price for a Volkswagen Tiguan. Based on the model and the years it’s been used, you can easily find the car at a good price. There are dealers that even offer discounts on the Volkswagen Tiguan pricing. This is a model that will stay in vogue for years to come. It is an investment that is worth every penny.

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