Here’s a comparison of smartphones from Samsung, LG, and Google

With so many phones in the market, buyers can find themselves lost in the different specs provided. LG, Samsung, and Google are some of the global smartphone brands, each with their series of smartphones that are innovative and efficient.

2017 saw some new smartphones being introduced and three of the very popular ones were Samsung Galaxy S8, LG V30, and Google Pixel 2. Here are all the important specs you need to know about each of these phones to help you decide which one to buy.

LG V30
The LG V30 has all the contemporary design features like edge-to-edge display, minimal bezels, and a sleek look. The phone has a fingerprint scanner at the back and in the center making it a convenient spot for users to scan their fingers. The phone has an OLED panel display but has a slight tint when you look at it from the sides. The LG V30 fares up well with its stunning wide-angle lens and a dual camera that offer excellent results.

Google Pixel 2
The Pixel 2, too, has minimal bezels but not as invisible as the LG V30 and the Samsung Galaxy S8. The phone’s fingerprint scanner is at an easy location at the back of the phone. It has an OLED screen. The phone’s computational photography technique ensures that you get impressive results even with a single camera.

Samsung Galaxy S8
The phone was the first to introduce the Infinity Display that enhances not only the look of the phone but also the user’s experience. The phone’s curved edges offer a unique look to the phone and the series. This new Samsung S8 has a good battery life that performs speedily and smoothly with Snapdragon 835 processor.

So now that you know all the important information about the new S8, LG, Pixel 2 smartphones, you can factor in your requirements to choose any one of these phones. If you are not happy with these, there are several other phones from these brands and other brands that are worth exploring.

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