Here are popular iPhone X deals for you

One of the most looked-forward deals this Black Friday were the iPhone X deals. The current generation of iPhone is one of the best smartphones in the market. Many iPhone fans just wait to grab the best iPhone X sale deals.

Currently, a 64GB iPhone X is priced at $1000 and up. But major carriers offer cheap cell phone deals for iPhone X if a buyer is willing to switch to their network.

Features of iPhone X
A lot has been talked about iPhone X. For the first time, the Home button has been done away with from a phone. To compensate for it, Apple has introduced a ‘Tap’ button. Another new feature that is predominant in iPhone X is the ability to swipe active apps to switch in between different open apps. Your iPhone X may easily detect when you are viewing the screen. So, if you get a notification or a message when you are not viewing, then it will not preview the content on the screen, thus saving any unwanted attention on your iPhone X.

Offers from service providers
There may not be much discount on an ongoing iPhone X sale, as it is the latest model. Here are cheap cell phone deals for iPhone X that carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint are offering.

AT&T is offering $33.34 per month for a 30-month installment at zero down payment to eligible customers, subject to well-qualified credit and service. It also offers $300 credit with trade-in for iPhone 7 and up models.

At Verizon, one needs to pay $41.66 per month for 24 months at $0 down. If you want to buy an iPhone X upfront, be ready to shell out $999. Verizon also offers $300 credit for trade-in with any recent smartphones.

T-Mobile is offering finance options at $30 per month for a 24-month installment along with $279.99 down payment or trade-in on any eligible device to get $300 credit.

To enhance your iPhone X experience, some of the must-have accessories for iPhone X are air-pods, a catalyst case for air-pods, wireless charging base, a screen protector, and wireless headphones.

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