Here are popular discount offers from cell phone companies

During every sale, cell phone companies advertise discounts and offers as part of their deal. Sometimes after purchasing a cell phone, you may feel you have got the best discount, but it may be far from reality. After all, cell phone companies are out here to do business.

It is true that cell phone companies offer discounts, but all discounts do not end up being a good deal.

Best cell phones discounts
Top cell phone companies’ discount offers can be found on internet or newspaper flyers. But before you go for any of them, check with their carriers too. Some carrier companies give good discounts if you switch to their plans. Read on to learn more.

Verizon offers a discount of $200 on Google Pixel 2 and a discount of $250 on Pixel 2XL when you buy and activate via monthly installment plans.

Buy a Samsung Galaxy series smartphone and get $750 off on the second device, which is of equal or lesser value. But you have to trade one of their eligible phones. There is a similar offer on iPhones, which is best for families. A buyer has to buy two iPhone devices. He/she may get a rebate of $700 on the second device. The buyer needs to trade-in and port-in his number to the second device.

When you buy any of the Galaxy series smartphones, you may get Galaxy S8 free, but both devices need to be on AT&T Next with eligible wireless service.

Walmart is best when it comes to top cell phone companies’ discount offers. Motorola Moto G4 32GB unlocked smartphone is available for $174.95 at a discount of $18, while G4 plus is available at $219.95 after a discount of $91. You may save $35 on LG G3 D850 32-GB unlocked smartphone. It is available for $140.

Along with Walmart, during a sale, Amazon, Best Buy, and Target also offer good discounts. Either you may go with unlocked phones for discount or carrier companies offer discounts when you switch to their plan. With unlocked smartphones, you have the advantage of choosing your carrier, while with service providers, you may get a good deal, if you are covered by their plan.

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