Here are popular cell phones for seniors

A cell phone is more than a need in today’s time. Any information we require, we turn to our phones for a solution. You may very well imagine the plight of senior citizens who have to depend on someone for their every little need.

Mobile phones for senior citizens
Cell phones meant for seniors are slightly modified and altered to suit their specific requirements. Companies like Jitterbug, Samsung, Verizon and Cricket Wireless are top cell phone companies offering seniors discount. Here are some cell phones that are ideal for seniors.

A partner of AT&T network, Cricket Wireless is a top cell phone company offering senior discounts. It has one monthly prepaid and five no-contract cell phone plans. To avail of a discount, you need to use a Cricket phone with Cricket Wireless plans.

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) offers discounts on some senior cell phones. Jitterbug cell phones for seniors and AARP have joined hands for prepaid options.

AT&T prepaid – LG
This phone is perfect for seniors with an enhanced audio mode. This model does not have any fancy features but is a great device for making calls.

Samsung Galaxy S7
Verizon network is offering Samsung Galaxy S7 for seniors. A great waterproof phone and relatively good speed in bad network areas make it a great phone for seniors. Another option is top Samsung Galaxy S8 for seniors.

The top cell phone companies offer senior discounts in association with AARP. Other than AARP, AT&T also offers regular discounts on senior cell phones such as Senior Nation 200 plan, which is a two-year contract plan for seniors, aged 65+. Then Verizon has Verizon Nationwide 65 plus plan for seniors.

Features of cell phones for seniors
The top cell phone companies have dedicated phones for seniors at discounted rates. Here are some of the features that seniors look in a cell phone.

No contract phones
Seniors are more comfortable with prepaid and pay-as-you-go phones since they are on fixed income.

More talk time
They do not need monthly data or text services but are looking for a plan with more talk time.

No flashy features
Just basic features are sufficient for seniors. They do not look for hard-to-understand features that make no sense to them.

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