Here are a few things to know about Google Pixel

Google Pixel became one of the best phones introduced in 2016. It continued to impress the market and its users with the variants that were introduced in 2017.

Google is a brand that is known for its quirky products and innovations as well as the sheer brilliance of all of them. The Pixel is one such product from Google that has not failed to impress. Google Pixel phones are the brand’s attempt to create a name and place for itself in the smartphone market.

This Google Pixel phone review highlights both the pros and cons of the model and its variants. This should help you make up your mind whether or not you want to buy this phone.

Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2 are available in two variants—32GB and 128GB. The lower storage one has earned many a positive Google Pixel phone reviews from experts and is the cheaper variant. Pixel 2 is an advanced version of the model and has improved features.

One of the most appealing features that catch the eye and is highlighted in every Google Pixel phone review is the camera as both the versions offer exemplary picture quality, thanks to the number of attractive photography features available. These features let you take pictures by capturing the finest details.

One of the cons of this phone is that it is pricier than the rest of its contemporaries in the same storage capacity category. Another drawback that may be a deal breaker for many is the lack of expandable storage option. Regarding design and looks, the phone is not the most durable ones, and the back panel is prone to scratches and marks from regular use. However, a good phone cover should take care of that problem. Despite some improvements in Google Pixel 2, the model still lacks the design and looks to give its competitors a run for their money.

Google Pixel is a great phone if you do not need much storage space and if efficiency is the main requirement you have.

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