Guide to buying orthotic sandals

What are orthotic sandals?
Orthotic sandals are specifically designed footwear intended to facilitate ease of movement in those who have foot deformities, or who have pain owing to plantar fasciitis or who suffer from arthritis and hence have impaired gait. Usually, orthotic sandals are made with arch support to reduce the stress on the knees, ankles, and back.

What is an orthotic insole?
An orthotic insole is a specially constructed device that is designed to restore as close to optimum foot function in individuals who have foot deformity or pain due to various causes such as arthritis, hallux valgus etc. orthotic insoles that are placed inside the footwear correct the foot and help to align the foot and ankle bones to their normal position to the extent possible. Some orthotic insoles are also designed to reduce the weight on pressure prone areas and also enable optimum weight distribution when standing and walking.

Can orthotic sandals be used during all the routine activities?
It is highly recommended that you use orthotic corrective footwear when you are standing for a long time or walking. People who are in jobs that require standing or using weight-bearing movements through the da would benefit greatly from using orthotic sandals. The orthotic sandals may be removed when resting.

How long does it take to get used to the feel of orthotic sandals?
Usually, owing to arthritic conditions, obesity or other conditions such as hallux valgus, hammer toes or fallen arches, the biomechanics of the foot/feet undergo changes that need to be corrected using orthotic footwear. Hence, it take some time for the feet to get acclimatized to the corrected biomechanical alignment, which therefore, can be painful initially. Generally, it is recommended that you begin by using orthotic sandals for just a few hours every day and gradually increase the time for which you are using them until you are comfortable with prolonged use.

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