Grabber tools and their benefits

An extension of our arm. Yes, that is what a grabber tool is. A handy and extremely useful device that allows one to grab things easily, the grabber tool is practical for the elderly to have. The need to bend down to pick things off the floor or to reach up to grasp objects from higher shelves, essentially those that cannot be picked simply with the extension of an arm, a grabber tool enables us to do. For the aging population, since the incidence of aches and pains in the joints is common, those with mobility or dexterity issues or injuries and even active adults find the grabber tool beneficial.

Because of the demand for this functional and easy to use apparatus, it is available in many different shapes and sizes in pharmacies, retail stores, shops that sell medical equipment, home improvement stores and even online. Also called reachers, the various models of grabber tools are lightweight grabbers, short grabbers, rotating reachers, adjustable length reachers, ergonomic handle reachers, folding reachers, grabbers with suction cups, claw grabbers, magnetic grabbers, all-purpose reachers, handicapped and disabled grabbers, and outdoor reachers.

Made of weightless, rustproof and corrosion free aluminum, or heavy-duty plastic, and available in different lengths, with durable handgrips that provide a secure hold, rubberized jaw tips in some for grabbing heavy items, some even have locks that latch onto the item solidly without a need for constant gripping thus ensuring it is not dropped accidentally, the grabber tool can pick things as small as a gem clip or a penny, to heavier items that weigh up to 20 pounds.

Being able to reach things that are inaccessible due to either its positioning or placement on a rack or shelf or because of health issues, the grabber tool is an efficient and safe buy. Without having to bend down or stretch, or even using a ladder that could be slippery, finding the right grabber tool to suit your specific needs is not difficult at all.

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